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Here, we detail all of our facial treatments.  Please browse all the treatments available and get in touch if you have something more specific requirements and we'll be happy to chat to you.
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Crystal Clear microdermabrasion with oxygen therapy facial. 

The microdermabrasion treats lines, wrinkles, dull dehydrated skin, skin laxity and acne scarring by using a controlled method of skin exfoliation; crystals are used to gently lift and remove dull dead skin cells, layer by layer.

Oxygen therapy works by plumping up the skin, reversing free radical damage and stimulates cell renewal, thus reversing the signs of ageing leaving the skin rejuvenated.

45 minutes £40.00

60 minutes £50.00

Introducing our COMCIT Elite Crystal Clear Machine

COMCIT stands for Cryo oxygen, Microchannelling, Collagen induction therapy.
It offers the delivery of Cryo oxygen while using a Microchannelling roller which creates hundreds of  microscopic channels in the skin allowing the infusion of powerful prescriptive ingredients.
This revolutionary anti-ageing treatment is the first of its kind in the world and the results are instant defying the ageing process for both men and women.

Oxygen Infusion

If you are craving an instantly radiant, dewy, glowing skin, perfect for a red carpet event then look no further. This refreshing, hydrating and plumping facial starts with a double cleanse followed by an oxygen exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Skin is then buffed and polished and that’s when the resuscitation begins; skin is instantly firmer and lifted as our intense anti-ageing Oxygen infusion works it’s magic from the inside out .

Spots are formed when the skin cells become congested with dirt and oil, enlarging the pores. Let the healing begin as the anti-bacterial power of Oxygen gets to work on problem skin. Our powerful oxygen serum is pulsed into the skin creating an anti- bacterial blast that balances, soothes, and heals acne-prone skin, all without stripping essential moisture and natural lipids, or aggravating sensitive skin. Suitable for all ages; whether its teenagers with those first acne break outs or adults targeting specific problem areas.

Think of a shot of Botox without the needle. Ideal for skin that looks lacklustre or is simply worn out. Results are amazing with skin looking instantly lifted, firmer and plumped, and lines and wrinkles visibly reduced. Skin takes on a whole new glow.

Combat crow’s feet, firm saggy upper eyelids and send under-eye bags packing with this supercharged NO KNIFE EYE LIFT. A treatment effective enough to smooth and plump fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead and cheeks, but gentle enough for the delicate eye area. A thorough cleanse, polish and buff before the active oxygen serum is plumped into the skin. The no-needle oxygen pulsed jet then works its magic, giving a lifting and plumping effect around the eye, brows and forehead. Our soothing firming, hydrating lifting eye mask completes the treatment.

ACTIFADE ~ £50.00 (45 MINS)
A clearer, brighter skin can now be yours. Acti-Fade Oxygen treatment creates a lighter, brighter skin helping to eradicate pigmentation and skin discoloration. Packed with skin lightening and brightening actives, the infusion is pulsed into the skin with oxygen infusion, and then begins the task of addressing skin discoloration and pigmentation at the source. Results are evident after treatment number one with skin looking instantly brighter and refreshed.
However, for maximum results, we advise a treatment course. For enhanced results we recommend you spritz the skin every night before bed with our Actifade Infusion to get the very best long term results from your treatment.


If you are in need of a quick skin boost then our camera-ready crystal blast is the perfect choice. Crystals are blasted very precisely at the skin surface at varying speeds and the dead skin cells are removed through the vacuum action to reveal smoother, brighter, more radiant skin. Results are evident after a single treatment.

Perfect for treating oily, congested skin with blocked pores and blackheads. Skin is left clearer,
brighter, deep-cleansed with open pores less defined.

Any scar that is raised can be smoothed and any scar that is depressed can be blended to make it look
less noticeable. Think of sandblasting a wall to create a smoother finish and that is literally what
Microdermabrasion offers. This is undoubtedly the most precise treatment for scar work.

Skin is buffed, polished and smoothed while lines and wrinkles are softened. The precise action of
the crystal flow can work at various depths to address the concerns of a more mature skin. Results
are evident immediately.

This fine jet of crystals gently blasted at the skin surface is the perfect treatment for uneven skin
tone; lightening and removing unwanted pigment to reveal a gorgeous, even skin tone. Safe and
gentle, this progressive treatment is suitable for all skin colours.

Perfect for body prep prior to holidays or for treating the tiny blind spots that can appear on the top
of the arms and back, or, when the skin just needs a power blast for smooth, polished, radiant skin.

Microdermabrasion is a safe treatment for uneven skin tone, skin spots and blotchy skin, lightening
or removing unwanted pigments to reveal gorgeous and even skin tone.

Don’t forget those little toes need to sparkle! Combine hand and foot treatments with your manicure
and pedicure for a treatment with a difference

Crystal Clear Prime & Peel

Results Proven to Last
Get healthy, glowing skin 
Bespoke Consultation
Tailored to Your Needs

Our chemical peel treatment improves the skin's colour, clarity, tone and texture.
You'll gain the confidence to love the skin you wear and own those "no makeup days.

This treatment is ideal for:
Fine lines and wrinkles
Discoloration caused by sun damage
Skin imperfections and superficial scars
Acne and spot prone skin
Anti-wrinkle treatment
Chemical Peel Crystal clear Prime and Peel
Tired of wasting your money on creams and serums that don't seem to work? Get your healthy glow back a Chemical peel can be used to help target areas of concern by reducing the appearance of many different skin imperfections.

For long-term results, we recommend a series of three or more chemical peels, spaced four to six weeks apart. The benefit of receiving a series of peels is that this treatment will be able to target the deeper layers of the epidermis, giving your skin an enhanced exfoliation. This type of deep exfoliation can stimulate cellular turnover, resulting in the production of healthy, glowing skin.
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